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More at Home in This Little Cabin All the Time 8/24/2003

Greetings from Ft. Yukon! Today is Sunday, August 24, 2003. It is 48° @ 11:43PM.

The sky has been overcast today with an enduring light drizzle. The weather over the last few weeks has varied from this drizzle to bright sunshiny days of 60°. The lowest low since we have been here has been 37°.

After we arrived in Fort Yukon on that Thursday evening, August 1st, we spent the first weekend in our new house by cleaning it from top to bottom. On Saturday, we walked to the local store and were very reassured by what we found. It is somewhere between a convenience store and a full sized grocery. They sell frozen dinners, ice cream, all of the usual staple groceries, coats, gloves, plumbing supplies, axes, and a small selection of firearms. It costs a lot, but in a pinch, it is there if we need it. That day, we bought a bottle of ammonia cleaner and a few sponges. We went home and cleaned. We cleaned the bathroom and kitchen, the walls and every inch of the floor. It already felt better, but it was still a little stark with no furniture.

As we drove to Alaska, we packed our car with 5 crates containing our most essential possessions, including our camping and meal preparation items. Just before we flew to FYU for the first time, we mailed those boxes to ourselves, so they were in route when we arrived and we had very little to work with and ate a lot of bagels that first weekend.

On Sunday night, after having been in FYU a short few days, we were both sent to spend a week in sunny Anchorage for a conference on education. Each morning as we walked outside our hotel and saw the saw-toothed Chugach Mountains illuminated with morning sun on a background of pure blue sky, we were reminded of where we were. We were still in awe that we were in Alaska. Being in Anchorage was the perfect opportunity for us to stay in a great hotel for a week while our things caught up to us in FYU. It also gave us the chance to walk to the Wal-Mart that was next to our hotel and do some shopping. We bought a coffee maker and a microwave, a shower curtain and bathroom rugs, dishes, flatware and cookware, and a Brita water filter. After selecting our two cartloads full of things, we walked back to the layaway/bush mail department, and they packaged it and mailed it all to us. We also stopped by Sears for a few items such as a new TV and a good axe for splitting wood. In just a few days, we received all of our purchases in the mail. Our log cabin suddenly seemed much more homey after we unpacked all of our new purchases.

We are feeling more at home in this little cabin all the time. We were told that this house was nice by Fort Yukon standards, and as we have had the chance to visit a few of the other homes, we can see how right that is. We are so grateful to have the house we do.

Now we are receiving mail on a daily basis. If anyone out there wanted to send us a card or a letter, we’d love to receive it. Many have asked us what kinds of things they can send us, and we’d love to take each of you up on the offer. The truth is, after having a chance to do some shopping and having the Internet at our fingertips, there isn’t anything we can’t have shipped to us. I’m looking for a good shotgun, but that isn’t the kind of thing anyone can send in a care package. If anyone has a bootleg copy of Photoshop Elements for Mac, you can send that along.

Tonight, Steph and I spent a great evening relaxing at home. We watched a movie on our new satellite TV while we reclined on a pile of pillows as a cozy fire crackled in the woodstove, all the while reminding ourselves that we were doing all of this in Alaska!

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