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Happy Thanksgiving 2005!

Greetings! from Fort Yukon, Alaska, 8 miles above the Arctic Circle, and Happy Thanksgiving to all. It is a clear and calm ten degrees below zero in Fort Yukon. It's about ten minutes 'til 9 in the morning on Thanksgiving day. Stephanie is asleep. Jacob is beginning to stir, and NPR's Morning Edition is on the radio. Coffee in hand, I once again attempt to write a note to all of you.

Our family is taking advantage of the couple of days off work for this Thanksgiving holiday to relax and enjoy each other's company. We have no big meal plans as it seems all of our friends are dispersed for the holiday weekend. We'll go over to an acquaintance's family for a polite noon meal. Maybe the three of us can go out for a walk in the snow before the sun sets for the day, and then an evening at home with just us. We're thankful and grateful for each other and for Jacob, and glad to have time to spend together.

I can't believe that it's been an entire year since our last Greetings from Fort Yukon letter. It was Thanksgiving last year, and Stephanie was pregnant. It's been an incredibly fast year. I worked most all the time, and Stephanie enjoyed being pregnant. She had an incredibly easy pregnancy without any morning sickness or other problems. Stephanie ran in the spring carnival women's 2-mile snowshoe race. She placed last, but still, at 6 months pregnant, it was a feat. She walked every day after work with a group of her women friends, which paid off when it was baby time.

After the school year was over, we went camping over Memorial Day weekend with our friends the Neuberts for kayaking and campfires in the mountains. Stephanie and I went from there to Anchorage for a week in 'civilization.'

Because there are no facilities in Fort Yukon that can handle a routine baby delivery, we had to go to Fairbanks to await the birth of the baby. In a feat of good timing, I was taking summer classes at the University of Alaska Fairbanks that allowed us to get an apartment in married/family housing. It was a comfortable place, and we really enjoyed having a relaxed and unhurried time to spend together while waiting for the boy. Restaurants, shopping, driving where we wanted... it was a nice change of pace. It was a perfect summer.

And then we had a baby. And all of the cliches into which I could now descend. He's an amazing little guy, and he's been so easy that we wonder if we aren't being spoiled now for our subsequent kids. He sleeps eleven hours a night in a single stretch, and smiles and laughs all the time, which is a delight to hear. He does have a bit of a spit-up problem. Spit up is too polite a term; this kid vomits. It's excessive. We'd be worried, but he doesn't seem fazed by it, and he's gaining weight as he should. He can be laughing a playing, bring up several ounces of partially digested goo, and continue on playing and cooing without a pause. We forego burp cloths and reach for bath towels. But he is immensely lovable, and no amount of holding, cuddling, kissing, hugging, or squeezing that boy seems to be enough to satisfy us.

After Jacob arrived, Stephanie's mother Kathy came to Fairbanks to see him, and she was an immense help right when we needed it. Steph's dad Julius and his wife Jan soon followed. We enjoyed having them in Fairbanks and Fort Yukon. Brian's mom Beebe and her sister Susie came to Fort Yukon as well. Despite really foul weather, I think they enjoyed seeing Jacob.

Stephanie didn't go back to teaching this year. She is staying home to play with Jacob, and we're both thankful for this arrangement. Brian is a little jealous, but glad they get to hang out together all day.

Stephanie and Jacob travelled to Texas in late October to see family and friends, and maybe some of you got a little preview of our wide-eyed, smiley, pukey boy. Stephanie said the easy boy slept for the entire plane ride both directions. Ahh... Benadryl.

Pictures of most of all of these events are posted on the pictures page. You can see pictures of the boy and of all of our family's visits. I wish I had had this squarespace page since before we left Texas. It has been quite an undertaking to get all of our albums posted, and trying to put some description with each. All of this in my 'spare' time, of which there has been precious little. I have been wanted to 'finish' this with some level of polish before sending it out, but I know that our last child will be graduating from high school before it's ever really finished. So here it is in all of its incompletion. Please come take a look. Check back every now and then for new postings and the most recent pictures.

Happy Thanksgiving. God's blessing and all our love to you all. Hope to see you in Texas at Christmas.

Brian, Stephanie and Jacob

Posted on Thursday, November 24, 2005 at 11:36AM by Registered CommenterBrian Rozell | Comments2 Comments

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Happy Thanksgiving! I am so excited that you've joined us with your journal! I'll be by everyday!
November 26, 2005 | Unregistered CommenterRachel
Great website, and absolutely wonderful and breathtaking pictures! We miss y'all here on the ol' 40 Acres. I'll add your website to my favorites.
Happy Holidays!!!
December 1, 2005 | Unregistered CommenterMindy Flowers

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