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Jacob Has Arrived!

Jacob Liem Rozell arrived last evening. He is a big, beautiful boy.

Stephanie went in to labor around two in the afternoon on Tuesday. She wanted to do as much of the labor at home as possible before going to the hospital, so we stayed at home Tuesday evening. Stephanie labored all night and we were up all night working through her contractions. We went to the hospital about 6AM. Stephanie was amazing through everything, but by 6:30PM, after being dilated to 10 cm and pushing for several hours, no progress was being made, so the doctor decided to deliver by c-section. It wasn't what we had envisioned, but it's hard to complain about any process that results in Stephanie and the baby both doing well. And here are the stats:

Jacob Liem Rozell
8 lbs. 7 oz.
21 1/4" long
14" head
13 1/4" chest
June 29, 2005 7:22PM Alaska Daylight Savings Time
Fairbanks Memorial Hospital, Room 210

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