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Stephanie Heard It

It’s rare that I am in bed past 6 am. More common in the last week as the semester has wound down. Yesterday morning at about that time, Stephanie heard it and shook me awake. “I think the trap just went off. Look, I think he’s there.” Yes, we can see the trap from our bed.

Groggily, I looked over and knew it was him. Like a white handkerchief sprawled out on the floor. I took the small flashlight from the night stand and shined it on his lifeless form. Sprawled out indeed. In the few seconds of light shining, recognition, and thinking about what’s next, the corpse quickened and looked up at the light. In a flash he turned around, slipped out of the trap and was gone back down his hole. We were sitting there in bed, speechless. Unable to explain or deny what we’d just seen.

So I’m glad he still running around there somewhere. I try not to think about how pissed he is at us. If he wasn’t dangerous before, we have to consider that he is now. And he’s got a grudge. I’m glad we’re going to Texas for a while. Give him time to cool off.

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