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Extolling the Greatness of Apple

Before we left Alaska, Stephanie called Apple regarding a problem with her iBook that we purchased about sixteen months ago. Apple told her to send it in for repair and that they’d send her a box to do so. Since we were on our way to Texas for Christmas, she had them send the box to her parents’ house.

The box was waiting there when we arrived. On Monday afternoon, Stephanie opened up the box; It contained everything she needed to mail her laptop including a soft paper sleeve, form fitting eco-friendly packing material, a postage-paid mailing label, clear instructions, and even pre-cut lengths of packing tape. After packing it up, Stephanie called Apple again to let them know it was ready. Apple called UPS while Stephanie was on hold, and then came back to her to let her know that UPS should be at the house that afternoon. Sure enough, in about two hours, UPS arrived to pick up Stephanie’s computer. That was about two o’clock on Monday afternoon.

This morning, Stephanie’s computer arrived again via UPS. The entire trip to the Apple repair facility in Tennessee and back again took less than 40 hours – and under the optional AppleCare extended warranty – at no cost to us. That is service and class that one might only expect from the likes of Neiman Marcus… or Apple Computers.

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