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A Day With Bud

Brother Bud picked me up this morning for breakfast and coffee at a local Dallas eatery. We enjoyed some conversation and time to catch up before heading to the Van Gogh Exhibit at the Dallas Museum of Art. It was a popular destination; we saw many pictures of wheat and the backs of a lot of peoples’ heads.

These two weeks during the holiday season have included a tour of old friends and familiar places. This continued today as we left the Van Gogh exhibit and strolled through the permanent collection of the DMA and viewed other pieces of art by Mondrian, Mattise, and Pollock. These are pieces that I have visited periodically since I was a kid. It is good to be on such familiar terms with great works of art. Thanks to Bud for that. For his part, Bud enjoyed reminding me about the first time he brought me to the DMA when I was a little kid and the way I giggled with embarrasement when we were in the Africa exhibit and saw the sculpture of a male figure with his long penis hanging down. Ah, good times.

As we left the museum, I thought we were on our way to an imbiberia, and perhaps Bud did too. Instead we wandered lost for a few blocks. I didn’t mind. It was a good day, and it was good to wander through the streets of Dallas. Not finding his original goal, Bud shifted into plan B and simply reached behind his seat. I am amused by Bud’s feigned wonder and surprise as he innocently stumbles onto an ice-filled cooler. Enjoying his generosity, I couldn't help but giggle like a kid seeing a sculpted penis in public. 

Later, Stephanie and the boys met us at Bud’s house to visit with him and Dona. Cats, koi, rocks, a pond in the living room, cartoons, rusted trucks: their house is a regular fantasy land for Sonny Jim. Thank you, Bud, for dragging me around the metroplex on a work day.

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