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He Won't Remember This, But I Will

It has been an unusually cool and rainy and busy summer. Yesterday, however, was such a beautiful, warm day, we had to get out in the sun for a family four-wheeler ride. We’ve been thinking about our impending departure from Fort Yukon which includes the sale of our four wheeler and snow machine. Here, they are tools. Anywhere else, they’d be toys. I hate to let go of the four-wheeler, because Jacob loves to ride on it. I put him right in front of me, and he hangs on to the handle bars like a pro. This reminds me of when my dad would take me for rides on his motorcycle when I was small. I would ride up on the gas tank in the same way. Jacob rides in front of me and reaches his arms up to the blue sky and smiles as we drive through town. Yesterday, with Stephanie riding behind me, and Jacob riding in front of me, we rode the 5 miles out to the bridge over the Sucker River. We stopped and watched the trickling water flow under the bridge and Jacob threw stones in to the water. It was when we were riding home again, with Stephanie’s arms around me from behind, and Jacob in front of me leaning over to see the ground go by on one side, then checking to see the ground go by on the other side, that it occurred to me that he won’t remember any of this. It is kind of tragic that we are having this incredible experience in this amazing place that we will leave soon, and he will have no memory of living here, much less of this particularly spectacular day of riding. He may not remember this, but I will. This will be one of those memories that I call up when I watch Jacob graduate, get married, and play with his own children. A beautiful day with my family that I will remember when I am old.

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