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Moose and Barley

Stephanie’s flight got cancelled on account of bad weather in Texas. So rather than driving to Fairbanks today to meet her at the airport, I am spending a quiet day here at home. Stephanie rescheduled her flight for next Saturday, giving her and the boys more time with family in Texas and leaving me Alone in Circle again for another week. I called the house in Rockwall this evening where everyone was gathered for dinner and I got passed around the table. I jokingly told everyone that while they were enjoying good company and homemade Chinese dumplings, I was alone eating toast, Carnation instant breakfast and soy nuts. Although that was true, I was mostly kidding. I offer this photo of tonight’s dinner in order to reassure those who might be concerned that I can indeed cook and cook well. I used this recipe to make beef and barley stew. I substituted moose meat for beef because that’s what we had. The moose is good, but it just doesn't have the same alliterative quality that beef has when paired with barley. I left out the celery, both because we don’t have any and because I can’t understand how celery adds to any dish. For some reason I have been craving beef and barley stew this past week, and I was able to scratch that itch tonight because my postmaster is so much better than yours.

Last Tuesday, I left school and went over to our little general store in search of barley. Our general store is a true mom-and-pop shop. When I walked in, our local postmaster (the one and only employee of our local post office) was there chatting with the proprietor behind the counter. I looked for barley on the shelf but couldn’t find it and so I asked if they had any. Although the store is well stocked with the essentials (they even carry avocados when available – beauty!), on this day they did not have barley. The very next day, I was working late at the school when the local postmaster came in to my classroom with a special delivery. Though we do not typically have mail delivery, she brought me our mail, a package that Stephanie had overnighted to me (my battery charger for the camera), and a one pound bag of pearled barley in an envelope labeled “Bon Appetite!” It was very thoughtful and definitely above and beyond. And so tonight as I sit down to beef and barley stew, I raise a glass to the US postal service and my local post office.


Here is a photo from my walk to the river today.  

Posted on Saturday, January 13, 2007 at 06:52PM by Registered CommenterBrian Rozell | Comments1 Comment

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Gotta love small town Post Offices. Mine in Keewatin, NW Ontario takes good care of me and my mail. Even holding it for me if I forget to put the mail hold on while I'm out of town.
January 15, 2007 | Unregistered CommenterSusanE

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