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If I Only Had a Heart

While in Fairbanks this past weekend, I stopped in at Samson’s Hardware to look for a solution for Herman. Both because I like the little weasel, and because the Mizell children implored, I talked to the guy behind the counter about what they had in the way of live traps. He directed me to the aisle where such things reside.


Samson True Value Hardware is one of those great old-time hardware stores that seems to have everything you need and so much more that you never knew you needed until you stumble across it there on the shelves. It has much more interesting things than the local Lowe’s or Home Depot can seem to muster despite their warehouse environs. Samson’s True Value carries all manner equipment for the trapping vocation. Bear snares, wolf snares, conibears, leg traps of truly monstrous proportions. There on the bottom shelf were the Havaheart live traps for which I was looking. Dusty ol’ things. The side of the box reads that this one is good for “Red and flying squirrels, weasels, chipmunks, rats and other similar sized nuisance animals.” I think we’ve got a winner. And Jacob likes the box, so… bonus.



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