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Road Kill

Tobias has begun “sleep training” since he has been back in Circle. This means that at the end of the day we feed him, change him, love him, and then put him in his crib in his room, to work out his issues on his own. I think he cried for thirty minutes the first night. Now he cries for maybe a couple of minutes and then is asleep. He has done as well – if not better – than Jacob did at that age. He sleeps all night until six in the morning, gets fed, and then returns to sleep until eight-thirty or nine. So here’s a nose-thumbing to all of those nay-sayers who predicted that since Jacob was such an easy baby, the second one was destined to be difficult. Which leads us to discussions of #3. Stephanie mentioned the other day that she wanted the rest of our kids to get here soon because it seemed to her that there are people missing in our little family. We are having a good time, and they are missing out. We long for them in a way that feels like we miss them. Like we miss people we already know.

Around ten this morning, I walked over to the old Episcopal church here in Circle to start a fire. The temperature this morning was about five below zero, so not that cold, really. Still, it takes a while to warm a building from zero to room temperature with a wood stove. And so I sat, alone, tending the fire, reading and trying to follow Brother Merton as he followed Christ.

“Let there always be quiet, dark churches in which people can take refuge . . . Houses of God filled with his silent presence. There, even when they do not know how to pray, at least they can be still and breath easily.”

The missionary pastor who comes up each Sunday to hold church services actually lives with his wife and three children in a quirky little suburb of Fairbanks called North Pole. His name is Nathan. He – or his church, I’m not sure which – are on the Fairbanks area moose kill list. Whenever a moose is killed by a car or truck on the highway, rather than let it go to waste, the State Troopers will call the next person or organization on the list, who then must come out to retrieve the moose. Often, the meat is distributed to the needy, used to feed groups, or used for personal consumption. Ahh, Alaska: where you can get on a wait list for road kill.

Last night, apparently, a cow moose was hit on the road, and Nathan was called. This morning, before he left home, he called us to see if we could use a moose “quarter,” a.k.a. a full leg and shoulder. The answer is always yes, gladly.  And so this afternoon a quarter of a moose entered our home and sat on our kitchen counter. At about 5o pounds, it was a big slab of meat. I can’t imagine what we’d do with a whole moose. As it was, it took the rest of the day for me to cut manageable chunks from the leg bones, and for Stephanie to further cut, clean, de-tendon, and package.  It’s enough to keep us in Moose and Barley stew for some time to come.
I haven’t see Herman in our apartment since our last standoff.  But I have seen little ermine tracks around the outside of our house, so I have gone on the offensive and taken the fight to him. Just tonight, I set a trap outside in one of little trails. I baited the trap with some raw moose meat, so we’ll see.

Posted on Sunday, January 28, 2007 at 10:58PM by Registered CommenterBrian Rozell | Comments1 Comment

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#3? Imagine fitting 3 car seats in that Tacoma 4X4. :-)

I am glad that brother Nathan comes so regularly to Circle to serve the Lord, and seeing you practice your faith in that wilderness. Reading your reflections reminds me of something that troubled me last week, I read my bible and found His words of wisdom in it, to have patience and not do wrong for wrong.

Aah the moose. I hope some of that is still available when we get there later this year. I can then brag to my friends that we (Jan and I) ate "road kill".
January 30, 2007 | Unregistered CommenterDad

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