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Alaskan Sensibilities

It is interesting for me to find and read other bloggers from Alaska and their thoughts on Alaskan life. I discovered this one last Christmas, just about the time he and his family moved from Fairbanks to Houston, Texas. He’s spent the last year writing about Houston and it’s climate – and Texas culture in general - like he’s moved to another planet. He wrote this week about missing Alaska:

"We’ve not been in [our new home in Houston] for a year yet, but [we] have been in Houston for some large fraction of a year now. It’s tough on us. Alaska is an outdoorsy, tough sort of place, yet full of life and rewarding. People [are] an outdoorsy, tough sort of people, yet accepting and accommodating. We miss that, since Houston is very much like a large conglomeration of strip malls approved by some faceless urban planning board with Darth Vader as Chair Cyborg."

This description of Alaska resonates with me. In it I recognize the Alaska that I know. The environment is extreme and dangerous. Surviving takes a lot of work, and life can end suddenly and dramatically. Yet the place is “full of life and rewarding,” and the people are tough, “yet accepting and accommodating.” There is a great diversity of people and viewpoints in Alaska, and yet people here seem to have a common, uniquely Alaskan sensibility that creates a sense of community across the state. And beyond.

Posted on Tuesday, October 23, 2007 at 08:22PM by Registered CommenterBrian Rozell | Comments1 Comment

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Every now and then people in New York ask me how the transition to NY has been (I emphasise every now and then because they really don't ask too often) and I never know how to answer them. I can't tell them my true feelings because I don't want to unintentioaally offend anyone that I could potentially be friends with.

However, I try to tell them in a subtle way (in the 30 seconds of my alloted talk time before being interruped and having the conversation hijhacked) about the differences between Alaska and lower 48 life and I just can't convey my message accurately. Long story short, you hit the nail right on the head about life in Alaska as compared to anywhere else. The next time that I am asked I will be prepared with a response that will certainly fit in my 30 second talk time "Alaska...full of life and rewarding,” and the people are tough, “yet accepting and accommodating"

Man I sure do miss Alaska!
November 3, 2007 | Unregistered CommenterBryan

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