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'Nother Relaxing Saturday

Saturday morning. We’ve come full circle once again in our weekly migration. Weekend Edition is playing over the Internet. Jacob is here playing at my feet and taking the occasional play breaks to jump up on and down again from my lap.

I am so relieved to be through with the week. We made it through with Jacob's distractions and substitutes in the elementary. The election went well. Fourteen people voted. The only person on the ballot won with a clear majority. You’d think I’d relax, but I’ve learned to keep up my guard for controversy.

Stephanie and Tobias made it to Fairbanks last night and will be driving back to Circle today. It’ll be good to have them home. This morning I’ll be doing some housework and making sure things are in reasonably order for their return. And, Jacob and I will try to get outside while it’s bright and sunny out.

2° below zero, clear and sunny

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