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Another Cup of Coffee

Ahh, Sunday morning with everyone safely at home. Stephanie and Toby made it in yesterday afternoon, and as Jacob looked at Toby, his first statement was, “Toby looks cute!” I have traveled a number of times for both short and long periods of time. And every time, I have come home to discover that Jacob and Toby have changed. They look bigger. Stephanie has told me that I must be imagining this; such differences can’t be observed over a couple of days. But she was able to see it in Jacob. His language skills and his drawing skills have improved greatly in a week (all that time spent in school, no doubt). Toby has grown visibly taller too. This is easily seen when he stands next to Jacob. Toby is going to catch up to and outpace Jacob in height. Toby is going to have uncle Brian’s tall, thin genes.

Stephanie drove in yesterday with the typical load of groceries and supplies from town. She also brought home one leg of a yearling moose, wrapped in a black garbage bag. It’s small, but as I look down at it with its brown hide and bloody, broken bone sticking from the end of the black plastic, I can only shake my head in wonder.

A long lost friend surfaced again on the Internet recently. In a friendly email she asked me, “So tell me more...how did you meet your wife, what made you decide to move to Alaska, how is your family doing?” It occurred to me that, in addition to writing her back and attempting to answer her questions, it might be a post-worthy topic and something that might span several days. And so I have begun, in my typically crippling, perfectionist fashion, to write it all down. I can tell it’s gonna take me a while, so stay tuned to this space for the serialized story.

Jacob and I are sitting here on the couch. He is watching Sesame Street podcasts one after another while I am writing this. Stephanie and Tobias are both back in bed for a nap. Jamiee has yet to emerged from her den. As soon as I upload this, I’ll get to work on tomorrow’s post. But first, another cup of coffee.

5° below zero, clear and calm

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