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The Wedding

The days before our wedding in Dallas were dominated by running errands, and Stephanie and I each had our own car and our own list. We saw each other little as we crisscrossed the city, but we called each other throughout the day to consult on every errand.

The day before the wedding, in the midst of our errands, Stephanie and I made a point to meet each other in the lobby of her hotel, just to rest from the rush and to sit and visit for a while. From there, we drove separately to the church, and both arrived late. Everyone else was there waiting on us. As soon as I walked in the doors of the church, things began to feel real. We suddenly had an audience of friends and family, and it felt chaotic. I remember the wedding coordinator giving us a hard time about the sound system when she saw the size of the amps we carried in. I think she was afraid we’d be blaring death metal music and throwing beer bottles. We set it up anyway.

After a smooth rehearsal, we went to Chuy’s Mexican restaurant where the back room was set up for the rehearsal diner. It was good to have our close friends and family around us. Matthew made a fine toast, as did our parents, and Stephanie and I went around the room and introduced everyone since many of our friends and extended family had never met.

After the dinner, everyone drifted off. Barry, Matthew, Forrest and I walked over to the Samba Room where my brother Jason worked. We had a couple of drinks there before we drove over to the Beau Nash at the Crescent Hotel to hear some jazz, have a few more drinks and enjoy each others’ company.

Later than night I was driving down Central on my way to my hotel, when I passed Café Brazil. Talk about old times. I was sorry that I hadn’t thought of it when we were all together, but I turned around and headed back for a little late night breakfast. When I finally got back to the hotel, I was unloading the car when I locked the keys inside. I was too tired to feel like worrying about it just then, so I went upstairs and dropped onto the bed.

The next morning I snapped awake, worried that I had overslept. It wasn’t that late, but I had plenty to do. I ran downstairs and tried to open the car with a wire hangar, but I didn’t want to spend time working on it. I called a locksmith who took about an hour and $40 to get it open. I ran to the car wash and to the… um, drugstore, and then back to the hotel to pack and get dressed. I took a long shower and shaved carefully.

Stephanie called and we talked for a few minutes. I was supposed to be at the church by 11, but I was running late. I checked out of the hotel and raced to the Doubletree where we would be spending that night. I jumped out, ran in, checked in, and rode upstairs. The room was a mini suite on the 18th floor. I brought up the roses I had purchased earlier, pulled off the petals and sprinkled them over the bed. I also brought candles and put them around the room. It was very romantic.

From the hotel, I used those hard-edged metro-driving skills and got to the church at about 11:20. Plenty of people were already there, and the groomsmen were in a Sunday school room where we waited together. When it was time, Steve Hardin led us into the sanctuary as the music began.

As each bridesmaid walked down the isle, “Bright Moon” played - the song I had played the day of our engagement in the chapel at Hardin Simmons. We had many compliments later that day about the music, and about that selection in particular.

The image of the doors opening and Stephanie walking down the isle is one I remember vividly. I also remember standing, listening to Stephanie’s vows, and thinking that all of our history and time spent together was finally culminating in this moment. Most of the rest of the ceremony was a blur, but I remember that Stephanie was beautiful and my feet were in incredible pain from too much standing in cheap tuxedo shoes.

When the ceremony was over, the photographer took pictures of us with family, and everyone wanted to linger around the church rather than go on to the reception. A limousine was there to pick us up for the ride to the reception, and it was a relief to ride in peace from the church to the reception knowing that the hard part was done.

The room for the reception was set up formally, and a daytime wedding allowed us a brilliant city view from the forty second floor. Like the rehearsal diner, it was a joy to see our friends and family gathered together. I was surprised by the people who came to the wedding, many of whom I didn’t expect or hadn’t any idea were coming. I felt like a king as we walked around the room saying hello to everyone.

When we left, through a curtain of blown bubbles in lieu of thrown rice, we climbed into the laser, fully decorated with streamers and shoe polish, and drove away. We were both having so much fun we were a little sad for it to be over. We would have liked to remain there until the end, visiting with people we cared about and who had come so far to see us.

From the reception we went to the hotel, where we spent a few relaxed hours. Later, we went to dinner at Palomino - one of our favorite restaurants in Dallas - and had a spectacular meal. After dinner and a romantic stroll, we returned to the hotel and collapsed into bed and into each other.

Posted on Sunday, November 18, 2007 at 01:13AM by Registered CommenterBrian Rozell | Comments2 Comments

Reader Comments (2)

That was a really great day. I forgot about us meeting up at the hotel before the rehearsal. You have a much more detailed memory than I do oftentimes.
November 18, 2007 | Unregistered CommenterWife
Reminds me of the trip to the emergency hospital the day before the wedding at Arc-en-Ciel ... super hot tea spillage and burn on to the arms and body of the flower girl's mother. Wifey is right, you have good memory and details too. I continue to think that you ought to write a book on your life journey and experience, even if only your family will buy the books :-)
November 19, 2007 | Unregistered CommenterDad (J)

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