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The Red Pony

This afternoon I was walking through my classroom when a yellowing copy of The Red Pony laying on a table caught my eye. Seeing the book there brought to mind a rush of memories and images from years ago.

When I was in Ms. Warthan’s fifth grade class, she had one of those rotating upright wire book racks you might see in a used book store. It held a number of cheap and dogged paperback books for pleasure reading.

From this rack, I picked a slim paperback copy of The Red Pony. What appealed to me was the cover art that took up three fourths of the book’s front. It was of a boy leading a horse away from a house and a barn on a hill in the background. The boy looked alone – sad but heroic. Perhaps it appealed to some contrived and romantic notion of myself. I also liked horses as a kid and wanted one, and the book was thin enough to look like an easy read.

I didn’t understand this at the time, but The Red Pony is a short story cycle rather than a novel. It is a collection of four short stories with a common setting and characters. The first story, “The Gift,” has a crushingly final conclusion that lifted me up like an ocean wave and crashed me on to a rocky beach, shaken and confused. I couldn’t image what could come next.

The Red Pony, by John Steinbeck, is one of those books that got me hooked on reading, and Steinbeck became a favorite author. I went on to read and study others of his books in college. Even my graduate thesis was on another short story cycle of Steinbeck’s – The Pastures of Heaven. I couldn’t have imagined as I stood in front of that wire book rack how much time I would spend on Steinbeck’s writing.

I shouldn’t have been surprised to see the same yellowing copy of The Red Pony on a table in my classroom today. I am teaching Steinbeck’s “The Gift” to my students this week. And so I feel like I’ve come full circle. I don’t know if this story will get anyone hooked, but it is my hope that all my kids come across something that will allow them to find the joy in reading.

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