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Still Festive

Tonight we are back home in Circle and glad to be snug in our very own beds. I am the last one still up, but I will be there soon.

We drove the highway north again from Fairbanks this afternoon. We had our town time, but it is always good to get home. The sky was clear but the wind was blowing hard. As we approached the mountains we were about to cross, we could see that the tops were cloaked in – not clouds or fog, but the whirling snow being blown over each dome. We could barely see the edge of the road as we crossed over each summit, but a plow truck had just come through so the roads were mostly clear. A few hundred bends in the road and we were home again.

Tonight after we unloaded the truck and put everything away, Stephanie continued her efforts at holiday cheer by putting up more Christmas decorations. Since we have a practice now of leaving our bush home a full ten days or more before Christmas, we have to start early in order to maximize our home-time holiday season. She put up the Christmas tree with lights and decorations on the day after Thanksgiving, and she continued tonight by pulling out all of the Christmas cards we received last year.

Last January I wrote about opening up all of our Christmas cards after the holidays were over. Stephanie has kept all of those cards for just this occasion. Tonight she draped a large gold ribbon over the doorway in the living room with a dangling bow and – since we won’t receive any new Christmas cards until after we return from the holidays in January – attached to it all of last year’s cards. When I came home this evening from some time spent over at the school, I browsed all of the cards and enjoyed each one again.

Another year has gone by. I also wrote last year about (and later deleted) all of the different kinds and styles of cards people send and about the photos that they use or include with their Christmas cards. Most people send pictures of their children, and now all these kids are taller, older, more grown. I know ours are. But the cards are still bright and festive, and they remind us of our friends and loved ones who thought of us at this time last year. If you send us a Christmas card this year, we may not put it on display now, but come see us next year and you can bet we will have it up.

Our warm spell has ended, and temperatures are returning to more normal ranges. It is currently 12 below zero and still dropping. Nablopomo, day 25.

Posted on Sunday, November 25, 2007 at 11:27PM by Registered CommenterBrian Rozell | Comments1 Comment

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Hey! Something I started two years ago was something my Grandpa did when I was little. After each Christmas I cut out the cute pictures from cards I like, glue those on a piece of construction paper, then clue our Christmas photo card in the middle. I then cut out the signatures and messages I wanted to keep from the cards and glued them on the back, then had the whole thing laminated with the thick laminant like a credit card, and use them as dinner place mats each Christmas. It's a neat way to keep the cards and remember Christmas' past.......I just can't get rid of them.
November 28, 2007 | Unregistered CommenterMindy

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