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Celebrate LIfe

Friday, blessed Friday. Finally leaving work despite the many clinging vines that call me back and attempt to keep me from making it to the door. Finally making it home and dropping everything just inside the door because that is as far as I can carry it. No further than absolutely necessary. Backpack, computer bag, papers to grade, Jacob’s training potty, Jacob’s backpack, and kick off the shoes I have been wearing for too long and pull my shirt tail from my waistband. This has been a very long week and I am bone tired.

Walking up the worn front steps and in the door I hear the bumping syrup of Rianna playing very loudly on our living room speakers. My teenaged girl has discovered the living room stereo, and she and her friends have moved right in to hanging out. Stephanie and Tobias are out of town; Gretchen is not at home. With Jacob and I over at the school, she’s been free to turn it up and get down. And that’s what I love at the end of long day spent with teenagers: to drag in the door and encounter loud teenaged girls again. But I’m not complaining. Better here than anywhere else.

Two days of having Jacob at school with me every day down. Five more to go. This afternoon after school I was sitting in my office doing some work on the computer. Jacob, of course, wanted up in my lap to conduct his usual squirm fest. After struggling for a few minutes to see the computer around his head and balancing his ever shifting weight in my lap, I finally gave up on work and started to tickle him on his neck and collarbones and sides. I tickled him while he laughed and laughed and then stopped long enough for him to get his breath before tickling him again. After several cycles of this, he stopped and totally unprompted said, “I’m havin’ fun.” I’m glad he is. I am too.

Stephanie is still traveling with Tobias. She flew from Fairbanks to Anchorage this morning and then discovered that the flight she was on was scheduled to stop in Juneau, Wrangell, Sitka, Ketchikan, and another stop before heading to Seattle. Luckily, she hoped on an earlier, direct flight to Seattle. She’ll fly the rest of the way to Chicago tomorrow. Traveling outside of Alaska always reminds us once again how truly far we are from anywhere. Julius called tonight to tell me that Stephanie’s grandmother passed away a couple of hours earlier. He said that it was a beautiful scene as all of her family was gathered around her, loving her and saying goodbye to her as she slipped away. I can’t imagine the transition from this life being much better than that.

On one last note, today is Dia de los Muertos, the Mexican Day of the Dead. I had planned to write about this holiday and post it early in the morning but I never got to it. Celebrate life, love those who are with you now, remember those who have passed, laugh at your fears, dance on your grave, and enjoy.

17 degrees and snowing

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