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Big Bend

Brother Bud is on his annual pilgrimage to the Big Bend country for the hadj of the chili world: the world championship chili cook-off something, something in Terlingua, Texas. Wild, wide-open, borderland, far from home, fun, good people, real people, some really awful people, great country, good times.

He’s been good enough to drag me along twice. If I ever had the chance to go again, I’d jump at its throat. I’m still waiting for him to win the thing already.

Today is the Sunday after the Saturday, and if he is keeping to his schedule, I imagine Bud is waking up this morning and pulling out early for the long slog back home again with plans to crash at home tomorrow and recuperate. Am I right, Bud?

I was thinking about the Big Bend country again recently, both because of Bud's ritual, and because of the new Cormack McCarthy movie, No Country for Old Men. With Cormack McCarthy writing, the Cohen brothers directing, Tommy Lee Jones acting, and Larry McMurtry praising, I think it will be something special.

My computer hard drive went south this week, and it has fouled up more than a few of my daily duties. This is the first time I’ve had a total hard drive failure. I have had a pretty steady back up routine, but I’ve gotten complacent and lazy. I haven’t backed up in maybe a month. It’s better than nothing, but I cringe when I think about what I’ve lost. If you have a backup routine, go back up your stuff right now.

20 degrees and mostly clear in the middle of the day. Enjoy today's extra hour.

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