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Flukes, Fins and Blowholes

We’ve been through a number of obsessions since last Christmas, but it’s interesting to revisit past ones every now and then. Last night after bath, Jacob was so wound up I figured he wouldn’t be ready for bed for another hour. I asked him if he wanted to watch a movie and to my surprise he said, “Watch Cars?” It’s been quite a while since he’s shown any interest in that movie, which has been nice since I think we were all a little burned out it. Seeing it again makes it hard to believe that it’s been nearly a year since we bought it for him for Christmas. And so we plugged it in for another ride down the highway before bedtime.

Jacob is maintaining his current whale obsession. We’ve found some great, illustrated whale books at the school and he carries them around everywhere. Yesterday we learned about flukes – a whale’s tail, fins, and blowholes. Now he points out those parts on every whale picture we come across. We were walking to school yesterday when Jacob noticed the large exhaust plume coming from the top of the building and pointed and observed, “blowhole.” I’m impressed that he can learn something and then transfer that knowledge to something totally unrelated. Flukes, fins, and blowholes. There’s a really great joke there; I just can’t think of it.

Today is Election Day at our school. There is one seat open on our Local School Advisory Committee – a group of three community members who advise the school on issues that are important to the community. There is one seat open and one person on the ballot. I don’t anticipate a huge turnout, but somehow I just have feeling the day will be tinged with more than it’s share of drama and controversy.

Toby has been sick this week, so much so that Stephanie took him to the emergency room last night. He had a fever of over 103. It was just a precaution as she figured it was just a virus. The emergency room confirmed that he was fine, but it’s never any fun to have a baby in the emergency room in the middle of the night. And today is also finally Fly Day. Stephanie and Tobias will be in Alaska by tonight and home tomorrow.

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