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Bur! Bur! Bur! Two! Two! Two!

As parents of a boy with a favorite stuffed bear, Stephanie and I had the brilliant ingenious good common sense to acquire a second identical bear for Jacob. The thinking was that we’d start early and bring both bears into a steady rotation of use, rest  and washing. With even wear and equal smell, the boy would not notice the difference. Then, in the event one bear was ever – God forbid – left in an airport terminal or hotel room somewhere, we’d have a backup. And in any event, two bears would last longer than a single bear. The only danger, of course, would be the risk of Jacob accidentally encountering both bears at the same time. Perhaps such a crisis of identity in a first-year person could explode his little mind and reduce him to a thumb sucking ball curled in the corner. You never know.

For this reason, I’ve gone to great lengths to keep Spare Bear hidden when not in use. Jacob’s mama, however, doesn’t take things quite so seriously. She risked impending one year old mind melt and introduced both bears at once, more carelessly than intentionally. Jacob looked at one, then the other, and blinked hard several times before grabbing them both and walking away blissed out. “Bur!, Bur!, Bur!”

Now, the worst has occurred: Jacob will ask for “Bur?, Bur?, Bur?” And  when we retrieve bear from whatever inaccessible locale, he immediately asks for “Two? Two? Two?” which is what he has named Spare Bear. So instead of preemptively solving a problem, we have simply added a member to Jacob’s entourage and increased the chances of future inconsolability when one of the members goes missing.   

Stephanie said to me tonight, I don’t really know if he’s saying “Two, two, two,” or “Too, too, too,” but either way, I like it.

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