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It's a Girl!

I know what your thinking: I’ve posted this announcement here before, only to come back six months later to make the correction and the name change. Well, this time we’re pretty sure.

This past week we added another member to our already growing family. One of my students, a young lady from here in Circle, has come to live with us for a while. She is fourteen, and her name is Jamiee. She has a wonderful smile, and she laughs easily and often. I am sure that I will post more about her over time, and we hope many of you who know us will get to meet her someday. For now, we want her to have her privacy so I won’t write more, other than to say we are very happy she is with us. We hope that she is too. Stephanie and I have been scratching our heads trying to figure out how we went from just the two of us to suddenly being a family of five. But the more the merrier.

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