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A Dios Mis Amigos

Today was moving day for our dear friends from Fort Yukon, the Neuberts. They made that one last flight from Fort Yukon on Warbelows today. As is always the case with moving, they had more stuff than they realized, particularly there at the end. Some of their things coming from Fort Yukon had to go on a second airplane arriving in Fairbanks later in the day. Stephanie and I had planned to meet them here in Fairbanks and have lunch with them before Bryan and his father-in-law hit the road for the long ten-day drive, and before Carissa and Elaina got on the big plane for their flight to the Northeast (that’s southeast from Alaska!). As it turned out, they had a number of errands to run and details to manage, and I was so glad to be able to see them and to be able to serve them in any way that we could. They are good friends whom we will miss. It was our joy to be there to drive them around and help with whatever errands they had before their final departure.

And bonus! They had more salmon and moose meat than their fifty pounds per suitcase allotment would allow. In one last act of service, I had to take several pieces of frozen moose roast to help them squeeze under their fifty-pound limit. Good luck Neuberts. Blessings on you and your household. We love you. We miss you already. You always have a home in Alaska.

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