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Drunken Sex and Spare Change

Genesis 9:18 – 26:35

I’m sitting here trying to read through all of the genealogies (And Peleg begat Reu, and Reu begat Serug, and Serug begat Nahor…) while JimJam is making me laugh. She has found loose change in the broken down recliner in this apartment and she’s working on getting out every last penny. So far she has found over five dollars in loose change and is pursuing the remaining telltale jingle with a single-minded determination.

My dominant thought from reading today is, “What the heck?” Noah was this godly guy whom God chose to sustain the thread of humanity through the flood. But as soon as the flood was done, he planted a vineyard and got drunk and passed out naked. Then Noah’s son Ham goes into his dad’s tent and sees him naked and when Noah finds out “what Ham had done,” he gets mad and puts a curse on Ham’s son, Canaan.   

In chapter 12, Abraham goes to Egypt and is worried that he will be killed because his wife Sarah is such a hottie. So he makes up this story about Sarah being his sister, not his wife, essentially opening the door to anyone who wants to take Sarah. He sacrifices his wife to save his own life. He does this same thing again in chapter 20 when they move to Gerar. Once again, Sarah is almost taken by the King of that land before their ruse is exposed. That Abraham. And then Abraham’s son Isaac moves to Gerar and pulls the same “she’s my sister” bit with his wife Rebekah. I wonder if these are perhaps different versions of the same story.  

In chapter 18, Abraham is sitting in the doorway of his tent during the heat of the day when he sees three men approaching. It turns out that this is the Lord and two angels. It doesn’t say, and I wonder if Abraham knew at first sight that these were supernatural beings, or if they looked like ordinary men. It also occurs to me that God showed up in physical form to talk to people with some regularity in the Old Testament. I wonder if the Lord looked like the Jesus that would come so many years later.

The two angels who appeared as men to Abraham went on to visit Lot. When the men in the neighborhood see these two newcomers arrive, they go to Lot’s house and attempt to have sex with Lot’s guests. Lot tries to appease the neighborhood men by offering them his two virgin daughters instead. Later, Lot’s daughters get their father drunk on subsequent nights so that they can have sex with him. Both daughters get pregnant and have sons. What the heck?

JimJam pulled over seven dollars in change out of the Lazy Boy recliner.

Posted on Monday, May 21, 2007 at 10:06PM by Registered CommenterBrian Rozell | Comments2 Comments

Reader Comments (2)

I heard you have the propensity (sp?) of loosing your pocket knife ... did she find any?
May 24, 2007 | Unregistered CommenterDad
I'll have you know, I purchased my last pocketknife in
July of '04 and have it with me even now.
May 24, 2007 | Unregistered CommenterBrian

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