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Eyes That Sparkle

I’m sitting in the same Coleman high-backed fully reclineable camp chair that has been with us through most of the western states, on the deck of the Alaska ferry M/V Columbia, and was our first living room furniture in our home in Fort Yukon. It’s a Lazy Boy recliner that folds up. Actually, I just woke up from a fine nap. It’s a good napping chair. My chair and I are inside of a seventeen-foot screen room that provides both shade and a refuge from bugs. I can hear them buzzing around a couple feet away, but I pay them no mind. They contribute to the collective drone that lulls me to sleep as the gentle breeze wafts past.

Genesis 27:1 – 50:26

Pure narrative. Pure storytelling. That’s what I notice about reading today. Those whom God favors are central the story like the main channel in the river. There are smaller sloughs of narrative like Esau and Joseph’s brothers. God favored Jacob and Joseph and the story centers on them. It’s the famous passages that seem to me to be the most odd: Jacob dreams about a ladder to heaven; a man wrestles with Jacob all night before revealing himself as God and changing Jacob’s name. I felt bad for Jacob when he got swindled out of marrying Rachel and had to marry the ugly sister instead, even though “her eyes didn’t sparkle.” I can understand that. Being in love with someone whose eyes sparkle. Both Jacob and Joseph are very shrewd dealers: first Jacob managing Laban’s sheep for his own benefit and then Joseph managing all of Egypt for his benefit and that of his family. Wise men who found favor with God.

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