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Done. Just Like That. 

Graduation is tomorrow, and the last day of school the day after. I am running around trying to get all of the preparations done in one last frantic push ‘til the end. And in the midst of all of that, I’m also in the midst of one of the more pivotal decisions of our lives. I think there’s a reason a person can’t have a baby on a whim. It’s all about commitment. Nine plus months to settle into the idea. And today the craziest thing happened. We added another child to our family. Just like that.

I was at the school today, when our local ICWA worker came to me and handed me one piece of paper. A one page tribal court order giving Stephanie and me temporary foster custody of Jamiee, who was at that moment just down the hall sitting in my classroom. I was stunned and stupefied to suddenly be holding this piece of paper essentially giving her to us. I didn’t know what to do. My first thought was, now what? After school, should she ride the bus to the house she lived in that morning, or should she walk over to the house she would be living in that night? That afternoon she left school early and walked over to our house to be with Stephanie. Snarky was still in Fairbanks at that time, and the chief and the ICWA worker came to the house to pick Jamiee up and take her to get her things. And so, tonight, Jamiee is staying at our house. She brought one of her friends over to spend the night too, which is a really good strategy to ease the transition for her and for us. It’s crazy how fast all of this has happened. And what now? I have no idea.

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