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First Challenge

Our first day parenting a teenager. Our first challenge.

Graduation went really well this morning. Everything looked good. With three graduating seniors, the whole town was looking forward to – or bracing for, depending on your outlook – the various graduation parties that took place (are taking place) tonight. Mayhem will ensue. Drunken fights will happen. State Troopers will become involved. And who knows what other unreported events will also happen.

One of the biggest parties was planned to be over at Snarky’s house. There was supposed to be a band there and everything, and it promised to last well into the next day. Snarky’s was Jamiee’s most recently former home. It is another stroke of amazing timing that we gained custody of her the day before this impending folderol. Seriously. I fear for any young person’s safety in such an environment, especially such an attractive young lady. And even if she was left alone, it would be hard not to succumb to such ubiquitous self-destruction.

That being said, we also wanted her to see friends and family who were in town for the occasion, and to be a part of the life of her community. And so we told her that we’d also be at the parties she was at, and that we’d be ready to take her home at ten. We did the party thing for a while until it was time to put the boys down for bed. As we left, we told her we’d be back before ten to get here.

Then, at home, Stephanie and I talked, and worried. I told Stephanie that I had hoped Jamiee would be there at my side at ten o’clock on the dot. Stephanie told me to be realistic. That she probably wouldn’t be standing there beside me at ten o’clock. At fifteen ‘til, I drove back out the road again, bracing for the worst. Not wanting to seem like a curfew nazi, I just picked a spot around the nearest fire, and joined in casual conversation. I’ll be danged if at 9:55 Jamiee didn’t walk right up and stand beside me. She said that she was done. That she was ready to go. We left shortly after. So far, so good.

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