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Riding Like the Family Dog

I am at this moment riding in the back of my own pickup, on the Steese, headed back to Circle. On Wednesday, we all drove in to Fairbanks. We had an appointment and a to-do list. I also had to drive the school bus in for service (again!). When we load up the family these days, our little truck gets packed out: me and Stephanie up front, two car seats and just enough room to spare for Jamiee in the back seat. Since I was driving the bus on this trip, however, another seat opened up in the truck. Jamiee’s half-sister in Circle has a daughter who is nine and who wanted to come with us to Fairbanks. Of course Steph said the more the merrier.

Our last stop in town before heading home was to pick up the bus from the garage. But the mechanics working on the bus have encountered a problem more difficult than anticipated, and they tell me they won’t get it done today. We were all packed and ready to hit the road, so there was no staying another day. I have no place to ride in the cab of the truck. I am, therefore, relegated to the back of the truck, riding like the family dog. The back of the truck is packed with luggage, groceries and other sundries, leaving just enough room for a little nest of me. We’re still on the paved section now, and so far so good. I’m a little nervous about the dirt section though. But hey, it gives me some time to read and to nap.

Leviticus 1 – 9

Ummm, what can I say? On my honor, I read every word, as tempted as I was to skip ahead, because I did kind of get the point after a while. “And the priest will lead the bull to the entrance of the sacred tent, lay his hand on its head, and kill it there. A priest from Aaron’s family will spatter its blood against the four sides of the altar.” Repeat. Repeat again. I found myself wondering after a while, how many sacrifices did they make in, say, a month? If as many sacrifices were made as it sounds, I imagine this giant midden behind the sacred tent. I do begin to think about the holiness of God and about the absolute requirements that exist to worship this God. I think again that at this early stage in humanity’s relationship with God, maybe God had to be very specific about how to relate to him, so that God’s people would begin to understand how Holy and how far above he is to all of the other gods and idols the people may have worshiped before.

It was pointed out to me a couple days ago that my summer break is already twenty one days old. This summer is going to go by so fast. And I’m only on the third book of the Bible. I’ve really got to step this up if I have any hope of finishing it this summer. And, I’ve got to get ready for the big hike. Tomorrow. I’ll work on that tomorrow.

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