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The two-day hike went well. I went up the trail for about seven and a half miles and camped on a high ridge. It started out much easier than I anticipated, and got much harder than anticipated. The trail is great and is marked with mile markers; I really liked knowing how far along I was. I also had a good topo map of the area, and so I was always able to see clearly where I was. I learned a couple of good lessons, and I’m ready to do the whole thing early next week. I was sore though. Man, I was sore.

My poor Alaskan boy. It’s summertime in Alaska, and Jacob has all of the skinned knees, bruised cheek (he finally fell of the swing and onto his face), and mosquito bites to prove it. He loves to be outside. Almost first thing in the morning, he points to the door and asks, “Outside?” He swings, he throws rocks, he picks dandelions, he repeatedly “jumps” the three inches from the boardwalk around our place onto the grass. Stephanie counted a whopping thirty three bites on his little body. We try to herd him back inside, but he wants nothing of it. He’d live outside if we’d let him. Another couple of summers and he’d probably live outside all summer long. Another couple of summer and we’d probably let him.

It has been hot this week. Like really hot. Like eighty five degrees. Poor us. We had to flee such kiln-like environs and head for the river. Not the glacially silty Yukon, but the much more swimmer/wader/fisher friendly Birch Creek. We drove to the bridge over Birch Creek and let the older kids swim while Stephanie and I led the boys into the cold, clear water. Another family was also there fishing and cooking out.

I have so enjoyed spending time with the boys. This is another reason I do what I do and make the income I make – so I can roll around on the floor with them all summer long. But every blissful day I spend napping or playing with boys, in the back of my mind is the unnerving thought that the summer is fleeting and fall will be here soon.

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