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We will see no fireworks tonight in celebration of Independence Day. This is particularly disappointing because we have been debating about when to leave Fairbanks and head up the road to Circle and home with Stephanie’s dad and his wife who have been visiting Alaska for going on their second week now. We decided to stay in Fairbanks another day in order to participate in all of the communal Independence Day festivities, knowing that Jacob in particular would enjoy a good fireworks display. And you’d think that we seasoned Alaskans would have anticipated this little wrinkle, but no. It is too contrary to what we expect – what our experience tells us. There will be no fireworks displays tonight. No one will bother because it will be too sunny and bright. No darkness, no fireworks. Bummer. Maybe we can get sparklers and take them into the bathroom and turn off the lights. 

Posted on Wednesday, July 4, 2007 at 10:33AM by Registered CommenterBrian Rozell | Comments1 Comment

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Yes, it was so ANTI-CLIMATIC that the Fourth came and went without any fireworks. Alaskan needs to figure out how to celebrate the 4th with a bang!
July 9, 2007 | Unregistered CommenterDad

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