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NabloBligins. There is perhaps no more challenging time to attempt this daily run of posts. If October is any indication, without this framework for encouraging daily posts, I wouldn’t be posting much at all. And that’s not to say there isn’t anything going on.

Stephanie and the kids drove up to join me in Circle on Thursday. It was great to have them there, if not already a little weird to see them in that context. They came for our annual Halloween Carnival at the school and arrived in time to join in the fun.

The Halloween Carnival went well. All the little kids had a good time. We played a variety of games in our gym including dart throws, bean bag toss, putt-putt golf, etcetera. We handed out lots of prizes and candy and got the kids sufficiently wired.

Which would have been fine if we were sending them home to their parents, but instead of sending them home, we kept them here at the school for a sleepover. The kids really, really enjoy the sleepovers. We have plenty of good food, they get to play with all of the toys, computers, and gym equipment. The older kids watch movies, play volleyball in the gym, and are free to stay up pretty much as late as they want. It’s an entirely safe place for them to be.

On Friday morning, we made a special breakfast of pancakes with syrup, chocolate syrup, and whipped cream, eggs, bacon, hash browns, and juice. The kids all played some more, cleaned up from the Halloween Carnival, and got ready to go home. The kids were all eager to get ready for trick-or-treating.

And now, here it is, November already. This morning, Stephanie and the kids and I are packing up here in Circle for the drive home. It will be a short weekend home this time, but that okay since we’ve already had quite a bit of family time the past couple of days.

Tonight Stephanie and I have a real date. A concert and everything. High times. And with this, I am punching my time clock for this first day in November.  

Posted on Saturday, November 1, 2008 at 07:09AM by Registered CommenterBrian Rozell | Comments2 Comments

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I have my Halloween pictures on the camera, ready for uploading to my blog for my first day!
November 1, 2008 | Unregistered CommenterMel
I have submitted my first entry of NaBloPoMo too.
November 1, 2008 | Unregistered CommenterDad

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