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Learner and Teacher

It’s time again for the Alaska Administrator Coaching Project, a program to support the efforts of first and second year principals in Alaska. It is a great program that has far outpaced the University’s Ed. Leadership program here in the state. It consists of three days and nights in Anchorage, sitting at the feet of some (at least one) of the great minds in education – of building still more big principles into my life.

This has been an incredibly rich program and very worthwhile. As we learn to be better administrators, we learn more about what it means to be good educators, and that translates into a significant positive effect on our individual teaching abilities. Stated another way, learning to be good principals makes us far better teachers. 

I don’t really know where this whole career in education is headed, where I can lead it or where it can lead me, but I am enjoying more and more the role of learner and teacher, and I am inhabiting both of those roles ever more deeply.

I am not really wild about the traditional roles of classroom teacher and school principal, but I am really excited about the field of education and being an educational leader on the edge of some real revolutionary changes in the field. I want to contribute fully to the field of education, and I don’t want my contribution or my work educating both young people and adults to be limited to whatever fixed role I currently occupy. And in some ways I think the fixed roles of teacher, principal, or superintendent are limiting roles.

So I’ll wrestle with those big ideas while I continue to think about the kids I’ll see back in Circle on Monday and what I can do for them for the time we are together.

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