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Severe Flooding Alert, Circle

Statement as of 7:49 AM GMT on May 07, 2008

The National Weather Service in Fairbanks has issued a
* flood advisory for ice jam flooding for the Yukon river at Circle
* until 1200 PM ADT Thursday
* an ice run arrived at Circle Tuesday night and jammed up enough to
cause flooding in low lying areas in Circle.
* Water has backed up into the most floodprone areas of Circle. This
includes a low portion of the Road between the Airport and the
town.Water levels have declined a foot from the peak early
Wednesday morning. The ice below Circle did not appear to be very
strong prior to the jam and thus the jam is not expected to hold
very long.
A flood advisory means river or stream flows are elevated or ponding
of water in urban or other areas is occurring or is imminent.
Lat... Lon 6592 14419 6592 14388 6573 14400 6575 14422
time... Mot... loc 1549z 180deg 0kt 6583 14408

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