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Summer's End

Tonight the summer is officially over. Tomorrow it begins. I had meetings in Fairbanks today, and I’ll be leaving very early tomorrow (Thursday) morning for the first trek up the Steese for this school year.

This has been the fastest three months of my life. I am in utter disbelief that it’s time to start the school year once again. As I look back, I am in awe of how much we accomplished. It feels like a lot: packing up our home in Circle, moving in to the apartment at UAF, collecting mostly free furniture, closing on the new house, moving into the new house, having a baby, hosting family, clearing the backyard, selling some cars, buying some cars, selling some more cars, building bunk beds for the boys, settling in to the new house, netting, cleaning, smoking and jarring fish. We have filled up every last day.

In fact I’ve been so busy living, I’ve been too busy to write about living. As time permits, I’ll attempt some retro posting to fill in the gaps.

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