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Email from Stephanie V

Brian is in Anchorage with Sarah.  They are doing a procedure to make  
her stable for travel.

She has Total Anomalous Pulmonary Venus Return (TAPVR).  The thing  
that has kept her alive to this point is that all babies are born with  
a hole in their heart.  This hole closes when they take their first  
breath.  Hers, thanks be to God, did not close.  It is still open,  
though very small.  It allows for the oxygenated blood to mix with the  
old blood and is being pushed through her body.  This is the only  
thing keeping her alive.

In order to transport her, the doctor needs to enlarge this hole.  It  
is a dangerous procedure and she is going through it as I type, so if  
you're reading live, please pray for her.

Once that procedure is done, they will arrange for the transport to  
Seattle (what I meant to type earlier).  I will be heading there as  
soon as I know when she's going.  The surgery will be high risk.   
She'll be put on a heart lung bypass machine.  Recovery is 10 to 14  
days and we would be able to take a commercial flight back up to  
Anchorage with no medical worries.  So, we'll be gone for a while.

Brian has the cell phone with him, but isn't really up for calls.   
Please know that we appreciate your thoughts and prayers and we will  
return calls when we can.  We will update on email as often as we can.


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