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Demon Possessed

During my mid-twenties I lived and worked in a men’s residence hall at a small Baptist university in rural West Texas. I was the resident hall director there, and I grew to relish living in community with those young men and witnessing the continuous, and overly animated nuttiness of college freshmen. It was a great experience that I remember fondly. 

Being a Baptist school, most of the students there came from Baptist families, and to some extent that meant they were inordinately concerned with hell fire and damnation, and eternal salvation. This was paired with a college freshman’s fascination with all things taboo, and testing the boundaries of their parent’s morality. For some, the only approved way to explore this realm of the taboo without sinning overtly was in a spiritual way. I think a perhaps overly strong interest in battling demons in the heavenly realms made some of them predisposed to perceive demonic experiences.  

There were two men’s dormitories and three dorm directors. My dorm was large enough to warrant two directors, and the third dorm was smaller and had one director. All three of us were young, just a few years older than the residents themselves, but slightly more mature and responsible.

One Friday night, relatively late, I got a call from the director of the smaller men’s dorm. He said that he had just gotten a call from a couple of his residents who were out driving around, cruising dirt roads (because really, what more was there to do on a Friday night in west Texas?). They said they had been out creeping around a graveyard that was rumored to be haunted with ghost lights that would appear in response to the right incantation and a few flashes of your high beams. They were out there, scaring each other and themselves, and getting themselves all worked up. Apparently, while dabbling in this enticing corner of the occult, one of them got a little too close and a demon just jumped right inside of him. Those pesky demons.

Anyway, the buddy (and the buddy’s new demon) started acting all crazy, throwing himself (themselves?) down on the ground and growling all manner of tortured and vile foolishness. His buddies were naturally concerned for his welfare and began to lay hands on him and make every attempt to cast out this demon. But he was a tenacious little bugger, and would not be cast out just then.

So they loaded him up in their Ford Bronco and headed back to campus. They called their dorm director (it’s amazing the kinds of problems and requests freshman will bring to their moms, er… dorm directors), and told him they were coming in, and they were bringin’ a demon.

So their dorm director wasn’t entirely sure what to do at this point. He had a Bronco full of freshmen guys flying towards him like so many bats from the netherworld, so he called me (because I had so much experience with this kind of thing).

I made the short walk across campus to meet him, and a small crowd had already gathered there on the lawn. It was one of those really great, warm, dark Texas nights with crickets and stillness that make you want to lay down on the warm ground and stay awake all night. The other director and I stood there waiting. After just a few moments, the Bronco came careening around the corner, headlights flashing like a panicked animal, engine gunning down that last straight until it came to an abrupt stop on the street right in front of the dorm.

All four occupants sprang, terrified, from the vehicle, two of them doing their best to restrain their demon possessed buddy. They flung him to the grass and held him down while he thrashed and hurled guttural insults. We had not idea what to expect until we actually saw what we were dealing with, and now that the situation was before us, we had little more in the ideas department.

After a moment or two of watching demon boy thrash, there seemed like only one thing to do. Demon or no demon, I recognized the potential risk to a student’s health and safety. So I knelt down right next to demon boy’s ear while his buddy’s continued to hold him. In a pause between curses, I told him the following: “I don’t know if you’re demon possessed or not, or if you’re drunk, or on drugs, or crazy. But you’re not in control of yourself, so here’s what I’m gonna do. I’m gonna call 911. When they get here, they’re gonna put you in restraints and take you to the hospital. Once that happens, even if you admit you’re kidding, they’re gonna keep you overnight for observation. So if you’re screwing around, now’s the time to knock it off.”

An amazing thing happened. After another moment or two, he got quiet. His body relaxed. He looked around, dazed, a little puzzled, seeing his buddies as if for the first time in a few hours. He gathered himself together, and with the support of his buddies, he walked his disheveled self inside the building. It was a miracle.

The other dorm director and I stood a while longer, nervously joking and laughing. I checked in on demon boy a time or two later than evening, and the last time I saw him that night he was sleeping peacefully, like a child.

On another occasion, a similar situation with a resident presented itself. Sticking with what worked, I tried the same tactic, but the result was sadly far different. That story will have to wait until tomorrow.  

Posted on Thursday, November 12, 2009 at 11:22PM by Registered CommenterBrian Rozell | Comments3 Comments

Reader Comments (3)

Ok, that was a teaser post! Can't wait til tomorrow. What will happen in the small dusty West Texas college town???
November 13, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterMindy
Mindy- You of all people know these stories. Don't you remember? When you read tomorrow, you'll go "Oh, that's right. I'd forgot about that."
November 13, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterBrian in AK
Brian: I am still laughing!!! Oh, the days in that "Small, dusty, West Texas town" : ) I do not remember this, and like Mindy very curious to read tomorrow!!!
November 13, 2009 | Unregistered Commenterreigan

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