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This is Rudy. He is Toby's best friend. He is also a dinosaur, though the specific variety of dinosaur he is cannot be precisely determined. He is of the bipedal variety, he has large teeth, and he is orange. I’m not sure if the current best thinking in paleontologic circles has determined that any dinosaurs were really orange, but I doubt the makers of Rudy were dues-paying members of the Paleontological Society.

Rudy comes from the large and ever growing collection of dinosaurs in Jacob’s menagerie. Jacob likes the highly realistic dinosaurs and likes knowing their scientific name. But Rudy is not very realistic looking. He doesn’t have a scientific name. He looks more like a dinosaur Matt Groening would draw. He looks like a doofus. But Toby loves him and carries Rudy around everywhere.

Toby can be loud at times. We have had many lessons about screaming, and shouting, and banging. And Toby really wants to be good, it's just that he can't always help himself. Recently, I heard Toby being exceptionally loud and banging. I strode into the room prepared to correct him when he announced, "It's okay, Daddy. Rudy was being loud, but I told him to be quiet." That Toby. At least he knows. 

When Jacob plays with his flying dinosaurs, Toby knows Rudy is a flying dinosaur too. Even if flying requires a felt cape hand sewn by Mom. When Jacob plays with the swimming dinosaurs or with his sharks and whales, Toby knows Rudy is a swimming dinosaur. Recalling the cutting of moose meat in the kitchen, Toby routinely lays Rudy down on his side and talks of cutting off various parts of him in order to cook him and eat him. Rudy gets shot by fighter jets. Rudy gets buried in sand only to be “discovered” again. Rudy is all things to at least one little boy. Jacob can have his ranks of diplodocus and deinonychus.  Toby has Rudy. Rudy is important to me because he is important to Toby. And Toby is my dearest boy. 

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