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Santa Claus

Santa is confusing the boys.

I think we’d concluded, before we’d even had kids, that they wouldn’t believe in Santa Claus, at least not literally. We wanted their focus to be Jesus and not on Santa, but we weren’t being all that worked up about it. And so we’ve just never really spent much time on Santa.

This past summer, as Jacob and Toby and I were driving out past North Pole, that suburb of Fairbanks that gets what little attention it can from the year-round celebration of all things Christmas, past Santa Claus Haus, and past Santa Land RV park, and past the 25 foot Santa that stands at the entrance of the RV park, I casually asked the boys, “Hey guys, who is that?” And they didn’t know.

So over the next mile or so, I explained what Santa was all about: that he came on Christmas Eve and left presents for children, etc. I made sure to tell them he was pretend, and some people liked to play that game, and then had them repeat it back to me. And I pretty much forgot about it.

About a month ago, as we were steaming toward the Christmas holiday, Toby started talking about Santa Claus and liking Santa Claus. I acknowledged what he was saying but confirmed that Santa was pretend, right? And he sheepishly said yeah.

But every time he returned to the subject, he seemed more emphatic. And then Jacob joined in. This past week, since I’ve been home from work, he has brought up fireplaces, and chimneys, and our lack of these things several times. I told him our living room didn’t have room for a fireplace, and he said we could put one in his room. At the time I thought, he sure wants a fireplace. But I didn’t ask why. 

This morning, Jacob asked how Santa could come bring presents if we didn’t have a chimney. I don’t even know where he got the idea that Santa comes down the chimney. But I assured him that Santa could just come right through the closed door.

Later, while the boys and I were driving I said to them, “Santa's just pretend, right?” In complete unison, they both said, “No he’s not, Da-aad!” And Toby followed up with, “Are you trickin’ us, Da-ad?!”

So now I’m not sure how to handle this. Don’t want to perpetuate the myth, but don’t want to be a Grinch on Christmas Eve either. Maybe we’ll come back to it after Christmas. 

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