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Fair Dad

Now that the boys are playing “dog fighting fighter jets” all the time, Jacob is always the self-declared "good guys." Nonetheless, whenever he comes running at Toby with missiles armed, Toby yells in quite genuine terror, “The bogeys are coming, the bogey’s are coming!”

Stephanie and Jamiee had a little “girls weekend out” and drove down to Anchorage to shop for back-to-school clothes. This I don’t understand. I can rattle off half a dozen stores in Fairbanks that sell clothes, and I don’t know why a person would have to drive six hours just to shop for school clothes. In their defense, I think there are literally six stores from which to chose, and one of those is Wal-Mart, so….

That left me being primary caregiver this weekend. I don’t mind. I really enjoy it. On Saturday, we all loaded up and went to the Tanana Valley Fair. Ahhh, fair time. Fair food, ‘60’s era carnival rides, slicer-dicer hawkers, rain, unsupervised youth, outrageous prices, etc.

Being single me, I couldn’t escort Jacob and Toby on the rides and watch Sarah too, so Jacob and Toby had to be brave and go it alone. They did this pretty well for their ages. The first ride was on a small train. Poor boys were terrified. Each boy held the other’s hand and the rail in front of him with a death grip and grim expression. You’d think they were off to Bergen-Belson. When it was over, though, they were both beaming, and we had a celebration dance there in the grass.

Jacob wanted to go down the really tall slide so badly, but Toby did not. Jacob begged me to go with him, but I explained again and again why I couldn’t. I encouraged him to go by himself. He was very reluctant, but his desire to slide won out. He climbed those stairs, carrying his sliding mat and his plush killer whale for courage, like he was climbing the gallows. Finally at the top, he sat down and – and can’t believe it – pushed himself off, unsmiling. He slid all the down in a grim swoosh, neither smiling nor crying. Only when he saw me whooping and hollering did he climb down from the slide and run to me, grinning broadly.   

Incredible day today. Rain overnight pulled down all the smoke. This morning, the clouds parted to reveal bright sun and clear skies. Cool temperatures and crisp air feel like fall.

Posted on Monday, August 10, 2009 at 12:00AM by Registered CommenterBrian Rozell in , | Comments1 Comment

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The same feeling exactly when I heard they were making plan to to go to shop in anchorage. Why not Fred Meyer's? They've got everything under the world. But she said its cheaper in A. I wonder if that is so if you factotred in the time and cost.
But, the benefit of private times between the two, and bonding experience? Priceless.
August 11, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterDad

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