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The End of a Season

Last night we had no less than nine children running around our back yard chasing each other, laughing, swinging, playing in the sandbox, eating watermelon and roasting marshmallows while seven adults looked on.

It was a final get together with our friends Russ and Rebecca who are moving with their three kids (the same ages as our three kids) back down to the lower 48. We’ll miss them and wish we had met them sooner. Blessings to you, Russ and Rebecca, and we look forward to your visits back to Alaska.

And that wasn’t the only transition from one season to another being observed. Last night was the last night of the fair, which traditionally ends with a large fireworks display: the culminating event of a culminating event. We couldn’t quite see it from our house, but we could certainly hear the concussions in the distance and the rollicking rapid fire of the grand finale. A culminating event raised to the third power. It is the end of the season. It is Fairbanks’ official good bye to summer. 

Once again, we ask ourselves, “Where did the summer go?” It flew by. But we put it to pretty good use. We camped, we drove to Valdez, I worked some, I fished twice in Chitina. We stayed busy. But even so, there is no way to get it all done, even in the 24 hour sun of the all too short Alaskan summer.

And now our summer is pretty much over. Jamiee starts back to school on Wednesday. She’ll be finishing her high school program at CEC here in Fairbanks. It looks like a really great program, and even though it was clearly a plan B, I think it might be the very best way for her to finish strong. With a diploma. And on to the next thing, whatever that might be

We’re still in diselief, but Jacob will be starting kindergarten this next week. We go on Monday to an ice cream social and to meet his teacher. Toby will also be starting preschool on the same day that Jacob starts kindergarten. Toby is proud to be going to “his” school, separate from Jamiee’s or Jacob’s. I’m glad he’s going to have a year of getting ready for kindergarten, and glad he’s excited about school. It’s never been hard to motivate Jacob to be excited about learning new things, but I wonder if the story will be any different for Toby.

And of course we have less than two months remaining until baby Micah arrives. Since it’ll be cesarean number four, we are already on the schedule for Friday, October 1st. Opa and Granna are coming to greet the new baby, and by that time we could have snow on the ground. And another season begins. 

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