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Leviticus, anyone? 

All of us who are making this marathon trip through the Bible together met tonight to briefly discuss the experience and content of this past week’s reading. I am encouraged to see the number of people who are participating, and doubly encouraged to hear people who may have been in church circles for a long time wrestling with some basic questions about scripture. Formulating the questions and tracking down the answers can be a powerful and transformative experience.

Speaking of transformative experiences, I just learned that when it says in Genesis, “put your hand under my thigh and swear to me,” that the word thigh is a polite euphamism for penis. That this command asks the other person to swear by his seed and all of his future offspring. Thus the words testify, testament, and testicle are all (very) oddly related.  

At the end of our time together, our facilitator announced that I was posting daily responses/reflections in this space, and encouraged everyone to come check it out. Thanks, Dave! And for those of you coming here for the first time for that purpose, ¡Hola!

If you are here for that reason, what you are looking for is actually over there in the right hand margin. It says 90 Days Through the Bible, and you can click on that to see my daily updates, if that appeals to you.

I’ve already got a couple of questions and comments about the name, so if you are interested, here is a brief explanation that appears elsewhere in this site:  

"Entramblitures" is a made-up word. I never sat down and tried to come up with some strange new word. On the contrary, this word just jumped in my head. I assumed that it must be a real word that I had come across somewhere before and for which I just didn't know the definition. But after much search, I didn't find a thing. I like the word Entramblitures because even though it doesn't have an official denotation, it does have for me a number of really great connotations. It makes me think of words like enter, entrance, amble, ramble, tramp, trample, trundle, and literature.

The rest of this space is where I write my thoughts on unusual Alaskan experiences, interesting child-raising experiences, and sometimes ideas on education, politics, faith, or family life. This also serves as the photo record of our family and our time in Alaska.

Feel free to wander around the halls of our lives. Everyone’s welcome. 

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