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Jacob Rides, Micah Falls

Last Sunday, we all rode our bikes to church. It’s been beautiful out the past couple weeks, and we’ve been riding around town quite a lot. And when I say “we” I really mean Stephanie, Jacob, and myself. Sarah rides in a jump seat on the back of Steph’s bike, and Toby and Micah ride in a bike trailer that I usually pull behind my bike.

So we rode to church on Sunday. It was five miles exactly, and it was a very pleasant ride for all of us. When we got there, I unhitched the bike trailer from my bike, and we rolled all of the bikes and the trailer into the entry way.

After church was over, it was time to reassemble our caravan and ride home. Stephanie set Micah in his seat in the bike trailer, but then became distracted by Sarah and Toby fighting over a snack and turned to break them up. Then she was distracted by seeing someone with whom she needed to talk and wandered away for just a moment.

Well, Micah never got buckled in to his seat. And because the trailer was not hooked to my bike, it was canted forward. So all it took was the slightest lean, and Micah fell forward. Head first. And caught the metal pedal of Stephanie’s bike with the sharp bear-claw spikes, and cut his forehead open. It was a clean cut, and fairly deep.

We’re usually pretty relaxed parents, so when Steph and I both said, “Okay, let’s go to the ER,” everyone around us jumped into motion. We were on our bikes, of course, so Stephanie got a ride with a friend of ours, and they were off to the local First Care where Micah got three stitches across his forehead, just above his left eyebrow. The doctor said it wasn’t serious, but that it was big enough to leave a scar. Hmm. Sometimes people have compelling or interesting scars that have a macho, attractive look to them. Maybe he’ll get one of those.

Jacob, Toby, Sarah, and I all rode home. And Jacob logged over ten full miles by bike. I am so pleased by his enthusiasm for riding and his ability to ride long ways. A couple of weeks ago, we all rode with him across town. It was probably seven miles one way. And we’ve ridden quite a bit since them. He’s a riding pro.

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