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A Statement of Values

I wake up every day to gratefully enjoy God's gift of life lived to the fullest

I value a strong, healthy, and happy marriage relationship, vowing to love, honor, and cherish my spouse and be an equal partner with her in all of life's tasks, including raising our children, maintaining our household, managing our finances, and encouraging her in her life's mission, recognizing that what is important to her is important to me simply because she is important to me. 

I value a healthy and connected relationship with my children, spending time with them, teaching them, listening to them, and giving them the best opportunity for healthy adult living so that they might enjoy life to the fullest.

I value Alaska and the outdoors and experiencing both with my family through outdoor recreation and subsistence activities such as camping, hiking, dipnetting, hunting, biking, rafting, kayaking, and touring. 

I value community involvement, serving, and doing do my share, and even more than my share, for the good of my local and global community, without feeling the need to do it all, and seeking to leave every person, place, and situation better than I found them.

I value friendships and hospitality, hosting guests, making others feel comfortable and welcome in my home and in my presence, and seeking ever deepening relationships with friends old and new.

I value a vibrant spiritual life, abiding in God, and following Jesus through the Christian disciplines of worship, prayer, study, serving others, welcoming the stranger, and loving my neighbors.

I value financial health, using money as a tool to serve my other values, budgeting monthly, spending wisely, eschewing debt, and striving for financial equanimity and sacrificial generosity. 

I value quality and integrity in my work, doing my best, finding success in my profession, and using my knowledge, skills, and abilities to make the biggest contributions I can make in my field.

I value life long learning, continuous improvement, and the pursuit of an ever deepening education for myself and for others, continuing to learn and improve, working to help others do the same, teaching all subjects and all people, and working to promote the importance of education and the accessibility of education for all.

I value art, beauty, and creativity, expressing my creativity through both the appreciation and creation of art - particularly through reading, writing, and photography.

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