Presidential Speech Writer

On November 3, 2008, I wrote:

“During the [Republican National Convention], the chant ‘Drill, Baby, Drill’ revealed a recklessly cavalier attitude that boggles the mind. There is no hint of humbly making the difficult choice, picking the most hopeful way through a dark path…. Drilling may be necessary in the final days of the petroleum age as we continue to develop alternatives, but such an easy resort to an unsustainable and destructive resource is irresponsible.”

And today, President Obama said:

“And so that's part of the reason you never heard me say, "Drill, baby, drill," because we can't drill our way out of the problem. It may be part of the mix as a bridge to a transition to new technologies and new energy sources, but we should be pretty modest in understanding that the easily accessible oil has already been sucked up out of the ground.”

The only conclusion I can draw is that the President is reading my blog. I bet he chuckles at all those stories about Tobias. 

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It's a Boy! And another piece falls into place. 

Stephanie and I are at this moment in the sonogram room of our local imaging center. The images tell us it's a boy. It's a boy! Cigars all around. We are excited, though I know we'd be no less excited to learn it was a girl. Still, it's neat to think about how this changes the dynamics of our family moving forward. Like each new episode of Lost, a little more of the bigger picture of our lives is being revealed. 

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May Pictures Posted

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Camping (in 50 words)

Friday, I took the boys camping for the first campout of the year. It was a quick overnight by the river with a campfire and a tent. We woke up cold, had oatmeal, and went home. But given the wonder of childhood, the boys believed they had an amazing time. 

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Toby: I love superheroes!

Jacob: Toby, superheroes aren't real.

Toby: God is a superhero. 

Jacob: No he's not. He doesn't have a cape, he only has a mustache.  

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