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Easter Weekend

Such a wonderful afternoon. School let out early today for the Easter holiday. We spent the day decorating Easter eggs, hiding eggs, and finding eggs. It was a good day to be outside. I wore shorts to work today for the first time this year. Mark that down as another plus for living in Circle: I can wear shorts to work. I don’t think I’ll put long pants on again until September. The temperature reached 50 degrees today. Even as I sit here and write this at 10:10PM, the temperature is 38 degrees above. Drops are dripping from every roof, and slabs of wet snow have been sliding off of building roofs with a whir and a thud all day.

I talked Stephanie into a run to Fairbanks tomorrow. We’ll go in the morning, do some shopping, and return home tomorrow night. I’ve been getting a little stir-crazy spring fever. I’ve been itching to go for a drive in to town. I want to do some shopping and eat out. I also want to take the boat in to town to have some work done. It has to be ready by the time the ice goes out on the river in mid-May. The boat has been parked behind the house all winter with snow piling up around it. With a little shoveling and a little pulling, the boat is freed from hibernation. It is now hitched to the wagon and ready for town. Tooley, the Isuzu Trooper we brought from Texas, has been parked behind the boat, behind the house since September as well. The plan has been to sell it as soon at it was warm enough to start. Since I was out there, I figured I’d pull it out too. To my unending surprise, it cranked and fired up on the first attempt. Stephanie came over to see, and we stood by it and reminisced. We both love the Trooper, and maybe we won’t sell it just yet.

I was tinkering around the yard, shoveling some snow out of the way (wearing short and short sleeves), pulling the boat out with the Tacoma and firing up the Trooper. Stephanie was wearing Tobias in the backpack while making a snow man and then grilling salmon fillets for diner. Jacob was running around the yard playing with two girls from the neighborhood (he was also wearing short sleeves). All the windows of the house were open; drops were dripping from every roof. The sun was shining in our soul.

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