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I’ve been yelled at on occasion for finishing a pitcher of some refrigerated beverage and then putting the empty pitcher back in the refrigerator. And I’ve been guilty of that. I’ve been yelled at on occasion for pouring a glass of some refrigerated beverage and then leaving the pitcher out on the counter to get warm. And I’ve been guilty of that too. Just now I went to the refrigerator to pour myself a glass of lemonade. As I was pouring, I knew the dilemma I was about to face: I was nearing the end of the pitcher, almost finishing it but not quite. Think fast: I overfilled my glass, hoping that I’d just finish the pitcher so I could safely leave it on the counter, but my glass wouldn’t hold it. Now there’s much less than a glass of lemonade left in the pitcher, but it’s still not empty, so I put it back in the ‘fridge. Now I wondering, will I get yelled at for returning a (mostly) empty pitcher to the fridge, or would I have been yelled at for leaving a still-not-empty pitcher on the counter?  

That being said, it’s pretty nice that this is the biggest problem I’m facing today.

Posted on Tuesday, June 26, 2007 at 04:59PM by Registered CommenterBrian Rozell | CommentsPost a Comment

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